LG V10 Review

LG V10 is nothing less than a high-end flagship phone. It is a gorgeous looking phone with a fingerprint scanner, two displays, and two front facing cameras. It also offers a removable and expandable battery. This premium phone is not meant for a huge audience but it would suit perfectly to the promising cinematographers. This phone would carry a price tag of $600 to $700 in the US without a contract. If you would be using all the features then this phone is no doubt the best option in this price. You can also get the phone on installments by just paying $25 per month for almost 2 years.


The V10 has a huge 6.3 inches screen. It has beautiful stainless steel rails and metallic accents around the audio grille and camera. It comes in 5 beautiful colors. The phone weighs 192 grams but looks a lot heavier. It is not easy to use the phone with one hand but you can do it by availing the “Mini View” option. Due to the steel rails and silicone, the LG proudly claims that the phone is much more robust and shock-absorbent. 
We also asked for a comment from Simon Dyer, phone reviewer at SwiftContractPhones.com who tested the LG V10 prerelease: “I’m a big fan of LG devices so naturally enjoyed the V10 but would I buy one? Maybe but the price point isn't that appealing and I think there are better choice. LG's software isn't the cleanest either so compared to the stock Android of the Nexus 6P, one of its rivals they are worlds apart. I also had issues with the battery life so whilst it's a great design and build quality I don't think it's worth the money


It has a main display of 5.7 inch with 2,560 x1,440-pixel resolution. It also has a 2.1-inch secondary display with 160x1,040-pixel resolution. The main screen display is quite vibrant. The secondary display is customizable. It has six shortcut menus. In the first menu, you can write your name or any general greeting. The second strip shows 5 of the recent apps that you have used. The third strip shows your five most favorite apps. The next strip contains the music player controls. Then the fifth strip holds your five favorite contacts. The last strip consists of your customized calendar which also shows upcoming events. The second display can continue to show the date, time, battery and current weather even when the phone’s main display is turned off.


V10 runs on Google Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. It has a fingerprint sensor that can recognize four fingerprints. It can not only be used to unlock the lock screen but you can also use it to check your hidden notes in QuickMemo+ app or look at the pictures protected in your photo gallery. You can also use it for Android Pay. LG has announced that it would soon get Android Marshmallow. LG has given many signature software features too.


V10 offers a 16 Megapixel rear facing camera and two 5 Megapixels front facing cameras. One of the front facing cameras include the standard 8- degree angle lens while the other consists of 120- degree wide angle lens due to which you can capture more space within a frame. With this option you can fit in many people at a time while taking a selfie.


V10 comes with 1.8GHz six-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. It offers 64GB of internal storage which could be expanded up to 2TB. It has 4GB of RAM and 3,000 mAh removable battery. It can be used for 10 hours and 32 minutes with one charge. The phone can run apps without any lags.
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