Can EMF Exposure Have A Negative Impact on Human Cells

Did you know that the human body is controlled by a series of electrical impulses? These are sent out by the brain through a network of nerve endings, synapses as well as through the human body cells. According to a 2013 study by developmental biologist Michael Levin of Tufts University, cells have electric potentials, which steers growth and development.

But, when these are exposed to electrical field, there is a high chance of damage. So, when you are using devices run by electricity, the emitted electromagnetic radiation is bound to affect your body. Though the rate of emission from the device is minimized with shielded enclosures, it does deteriorates the functionalities of human cells.

How EMF Affect Human Cell

To state that human body has no defense mechanism will be a wrong statement because we do have immunity to stand against the regular exposure to environmental factors like the UV radiation from the sun. Our body repairs the occasional breaks in DNA, but if the damage is too deep, the defense fails to cope with the problems. And that is when the cell undergoes permanent changes that cannot be fixed, leading to serious health issues.

There is a common belief that cancer happens to be the only disease linked to EM radiation, but the fact is there are many other possible health damages. According to a study at Harvard, EMF exposure leads to pathophysiological damage which results in autism. Disruption of normal bioelectrical synchronization enhances the autism spectrum conditions.

How EMF Change the Structure of Cell

In 2009, a paper was published at the Columbia University that studies how cell phones and other common electronic devices affect the human body. It states that the radiation activates cellular stress response genes, called HSP70 and also increases hsp70, which are stress proteins.

Now, when the stress response is activated, there is a break in the DNA strands. This explains that EMF can actually penetrate and interact with the electrons in DNA. Therefore, for the protection of living cells, a standard limit of exposure must be set.

In Hungary, another study in the year 2000 revealed that there are structural and functional changes in the human cell and organelles, due to radiation. There are even morphological signals associated with cell death due to non-thermal EMF in the cell phone frequency. The Hungarian paper also states that the radiation even changes the structure of cell membranes.

It even affects the subunits like endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, Golgi complex and lysosome system in some way. There are chromosomal aberrations due to changes in the appearance of the cell.

There are arguments regarding the damages that radiation is inflicting on the DNA or the proteins in the nucleus. Some believe these damages are critical, whereas some believe that the problems are not permanent and are rather a part of stress response. Still a lot of work needs to be done to detect the impact of EMF exposure upon the human cell.

The human body is made of millions of delicate cells that can be negatively affected by EMF exposure. It doesn’t matter whether this is an extremely high or low frequency, the biological effect of radiation is undeniable.

Even if the manufacturers of electrical devices have incorporated shielded enclosure to minimize the impact, the rays are extremely dangerous. So, it is better to stay away from the electrical devices when not in use. For instance, keeping the cell phone at a distance while sleeping or switching it off at night can cut down the excessive impact. It may not be possible to stay away from electrical appliances because we use quite a large number of those in our daily life.  Just try to protect yourself from unnecessary radiation exposure. That’s one way of keeping your cell safe.
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