Is Life Lock Worth Your Money Today?

No one can ever deny how Life Lock Company is popular across the United States. They are heavy advertisers on all media platforms including social media, websites, and radios. Despite being in a legitimate business, they are also one of the most overhyped services out there. As an identity theft protection service, they invested their business promotion strategy based on psychology and technology. Identity theft is a real problem in the US that creates a wave of fear for the majority of the citizens. Life Lock sells into the fear about you having your identity stolen. 

Considering that the odds of your identity being stolen is about 1 in 15 during a given year, Life Lock saw millions of customers paying for their identity theft protection services starting for as low as $10 per month or $109 annually. However, LifeLock suffered a great negative public reputation in the recent past after running into a trap of deceptive trade practices. Ironically, the company failed to protect consumers’ data even after having succeeded in deceptive advertisement. To the present day, the majority of American citizens still worries about their safety and trust in relation to the money they pay to the Life Lock Company.

·         Is Life Lock worth your money?

Everybody is a victim of making mistakes, but what matters is what happens later. While mistakes serve as important lessons for the future improvement, some people continue to reap from the consequences that come after making those mistakes. Based on the Life Lock’s business experiences in the recent past, failing to maintain the Company’s mission to the people was a major impact to the face of the Company. In fact, failing to protect its consumers’ data was an ironic and deceptive business practice, which resulted in multimillion–dollar fines. However, LifeLock focused on re-building the public confidence, trust and restoring its image for its future success.

First, the Company assumed the legal responsibility of reaching a settlement with the Federal State Commission that would see Life Lock pay up to $116 million in fines and penalties. Secondly, the Company focused on offering the most meaningful protection from identity theft, which carries several effective incentives for identity theft protection. 

·         What do you get in return?

Depending on your state, LifeLock provides the most rock-solid comprehensive monitoring of its consumers’ personal information if they become victims of fraud. In comparison with other identity theft protection services, Life Lock does its best work in the events of identity theft. Furthermore, the Company makes good on its promises to respond to your need when you become a victim of theft identity. In particular, granting Life Lock your money and limited power of attorney helps in tackling complex drudgery of setting fraud alerts. This also facilitates contacts between Life Lock and financial institutions, obtaining legal representation, and settling insurance claims.  
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