Simple steps for Online Money Makers

You might have seen many ways to make money online but in fact all the principles are the same. So, I simplify the complex topic into three simple steps to money maker online.

Money Maker Online Step 1: Have a product or service

All matters in this world is on the product or the sale of services. So if a company tells you that you do not need to sell any product to make money, you should ask what type of business opportunity is that. Not everyone at ease to sell, but the reality is everyone is selling something. When there are no sales he will not return there. Here are some examples of products and services:
  • Website
  • Food
  • Health Product
  • Information
  • Hosting Services
  • The independent services
  • Product auction online service
  • Etc.
Do not confuse when people give you money making opportunity without creating a product, the more likely you are promoting other people product. It does not matter if it is your product or any other people, you will need to have the product or service to offer.

Money Maker Online Step 2: marketing the product

Marketing is creating demand for the product / service you offer. In offline business can be done by banner advertising, talk show, and many other ways. While in the online business, it can be done by autoresponder (email marketing), creating traffic on the website, Google ads, paid email, pop up ads, list building, etc.

All of these ideas are included in marketing. The aim is to stimulate interest and trust of your audience so that they are able to make an informed decision. So you will see many deals on Internet marketing related and ideas are more. Effective marketing is assessed by the conversion rate determines how sales by over exposure.

Money Maker Online Step 3: Sell Product / Plagiarism Checker tool

You might wonder about the difference between marketing and sales, many times they are the same aspect, but it is different. Selling is about the transaction, sales made only when the customer buy the product not when they consider the product, request for information, looking for price comparison. In online business, selling is closing the transaction and is only related with the payment system.

All other steps before I consider a marketing effort. It is when you give a product to the customer when they give you their money or credit card. What you need to do with this step is to ensure smooth payment system to ensure a good experience for the sale of the client's perspective.

Understand the steps above, it simply can guide you in categorizing your plan for your online business. In short, a product, choose a way to market and have a system that is simple and safe payment.
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