Features of Microsoft office 2016

As we all know Microsoft Office is one of the most common software which is highly preferred by the people of all age group. From learners to the professional workers, everyone is making use of this software in their day to day life. Obviously it is also quite difficult to imagine working in a computer without this software. There are different versions of Microsoft Office. And the recent version of this software is Microsoft office 16. Since this is the latest version, it tends to have the most advanced features when compared to that of the previous versions. It can also be said that the developers of this software have put forth more effort in order to benefit the end users without any constraint.

Ribbon buttons

The ribbon buttons are considered to be the additional features involved in 2016 version. It is to be noted that the users can customize the ribbon menu according to their needs. This will be a great dedication for the people who tend to search the menu items more often. And obviously this customizing option tends to provide greater reliability for the users. Even though the customizing options sounds to be tough they are quite easy in practically. Even the people who are handling the office 2016 for the first time can handle this easily without any constraint. In order to do so, all they need to do is they must right click the ribbon button and must select customize the ribbon option.


This is next important feature which has put the users into great excitement. And this is also considered to be the main reason for why many people have upgraded the office to 2016. This is a feature which is specially meant for PowerPoint and Word. With the help of this option sharing and comment can be done easily. In addition to this, the users can also see the previous versions of the documents which they have prepared. This can be done by clicking out the activity button. Apart from this, the icon for sharing and commenting will be found in the right side top of the ribbon. It can also be said that the Microsoft Office 2016 is designed in order to provide enhanced collaboration for the end users.

Improved connections

This is a feature which is specially mentioned for Microsoft Excel. With the help of this option, the users can import data from many sources. These sources include sharepoint folders, online services, database and many.

Apart from these, the Microcosft office 2016 involves several other benefits and features. People who want to make use of these features are supposed to upgrade their version to office 2016. In order to make this upgrade without any hassles, they are supposed to buy office 2016 key from the most secured sources in online. This is because proper key is needed in order to make use of the software without any limitation. And obviously this is also the safest method for making the upgrade. 
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