The Many Benefits of New Whitelisting Methods

To say that we are in the midst of a digital age is, at once, an understatement and statement long overdue. In fact, we are in the midst of a complete transformation in the way that we view not just digital media, but what media is and can be in our lives. The fact of the matter is that our connection to and consumption of various websites and forms of digital media on a daily basis is reshaping the society as we know it, which means that it’s time to update your security settings!

Yes, for as much progress as we make, there seems to never be a shortage of ways in which our genius can be used against us. With the Internet has come the advent of everything from annoying pop-ups to viruses and cyber-attacks, which in turn has led to adblock and firewalls. That said, there’s a smarter way to protect against sites with new app whitelisting methods designed to help you browse easier without compromising in terms of protection.
A Better Way to Whitelist
Workflow-based whitelisting works by allowing you to create file-based whitelists. As such, unless a specific file shows up in your list, it will be blocked. These systems only run files that they’ve been explicitly told to trust. This proactive measure serves to cut down on a variety of tips and tricks used by various forms of ransomware and viruses, making your computer more secure while streamlining the overall whitelisting process.
Deployment and Operation
When it comes to security, it’s always a good idea to have standardised measures in place. Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, this has proven tricky for whitelisting applications thus far. Thankfully, new whitelisting measures have worked to address this. By being developed linearly within a single company and with specific standards in mind, the deployment and operation of these forms of whitelists are often smoother than their market counterparts.
Repeatable Work
When it comes to something as critical as the protection of your computer’s precious files, uncertainty is the last thing that you want. When you sign on for a protection scheme, you don’t want to leave things up to chance as to whether or not it will work as promised. That’s why the best whitelisting apps on the market feature solid, repeatable results, ensuring that your computer and files are kept as secure as possible by systems that are regularly checked and maintained.
Experience You Can Trust
Personal computers have come to stand as one of the central pillars of business and social life today. The last thing you want when it comes to protecting all your precious memories and company files is amateurism. That’s why the best whitelisting apps out there are developed by tech teams that feature years or even decades of experience. They’re on the cutting edge of today’s ever-changing cyber landscape and they’re ready to put that expertise to work for you.
Protect your files and whitelist sites a smarter, better way with a great new whitelisting app today!
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