What to Expect As an Aspiring Investment Banker

The emergence of multinational corporations has significantly increased global communication and business activities across distances. With digitization, many corporations have consolidated their positions in the industry and one of the most frequent occurrences in the modern landscape is the prevalence of mergers and acquisitions, which requires the careful inclusion of development and investment banking. As such, investment banking has turned out to be a hugely lucrative industry with great scope for newcomers who are looking to make a successful career. It is by no means an easy position to obtain and moreover retain, with tremendous stress on body and mind, alongside little room for error. Dedication and long working hours go hand-in-hand and maintaining a routine with the proper professional conduct around peers, clients, subordinates and juniors is considered to be the sign of a huge professionalism, and the professionals who possess the required skills can handle this kind of environment effectively are considered ideal for their positions.

That being said, there is great preparation and understanding that goes into creating a successful career in investment banking. It is not enough to plan a break-in with the industry- professionals must have a direction in which they are moving, a methodology and routine to accomplish their objectives, and an understanding of what is required in the company and the industry as a whole. To that end, here are a few tips to assist professionals in identifying some of the workplace actions that go a long way in forging professional success- 
  1. Background Matters- Due to the nature of the industry, highly qualified professionals are given great preference while firms select candidates to hire or promote. This is because of the growth of the investment banking industry, and the nature of the role itself which makes it a highly competitive environment to work in. Individuals who receive degrees and qualifications from the top schools are usually given special preference when applying for positions in the investment banking industry. While this does not affect individual performance all that much, it has great bearing on barriers of entry and credibility, real or perceived. The uphill struggle of those professionals that are not from top schools can be quite daunting, hence professionals must consolidate and manage their qualifications accordingly. 
  2. Networking- It is impossible to have a long term career in investment banking without forming lasting professional relationships with other clients and professionals within the financial industry. To continue making investments and guiding potential development requires incredible influence and forethought. With the help of a proper network, bankers are able to conduct business with the individuals who are relevant to the task at hand as opposed to a blanket application of the processes involved in investment banking. 
  3. Maintaining Balance- In this line of work, the professional must ensure that they have professional and personal lives that are different from one another. This is essential for stress relief, development, and satisfaction and takes the all-important role of balancing out investment banking jobs. Social interaction and extra-curricular activities go a long way in contributing to overall happiness. 
  4. Professional Relationship- It is important to have an individual or set of individuals from the same industry with whom you share a more casual relationship with. Friends and social connections can make or break your perspective and assists in rooting the employee to the task at hand and ensures that they are able to level with someone on equal and comfortable footing. Having someone in your corner is highly vital to success, and outside of professional and personal connections, it is important to have some at the intersection of both as well, who can provide context, can relate to you and your troubles and provide motivation and companionship when needed.
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